Managed Service Hector+

The PROACTIVE solution will optimize the stability, security and performance of your computer installations.

What is Hector+?

It is a team of proactive technicians accompanied by surveillance and maintenance tools that allow them to detect most problems all while looking after your equipment’s security before you even suffer the consequences.

You can therefore concentrate on managing your company all while benefiting from the optimal conditions of your computer installations.

The benefits of the Hector+ program

  • Reduction of stress due to computer-related problems
  • Better organisation of the company,
  • Development of productivity,
  • Reduction of expenses and development of company profit
  • A stable, safe and high-performance computer infrastructure

Les objectifs du programme Hector +

  • Éviter les incidents et les pannes réseaux,
  • Renforcer la sécurité et la fiabilité de vos systèmes informatiques,
  • Prédire ce qui fera défaut et agir avant l’arrêt complet de l’appareil,
  • Développer la productivité et la profitabilité de votre entreprise